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Gif Image: Drop Cap, "T" HE Lee's Summit Historic Preservation Commission implements the responsibilities of the city historic preservation ordinance. The Commission consists of nine (9) members, seven (7) of which are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the majority of the members of the City Council. One additional member is a liaison of the City Council, and one additional member is a liaison of the Planning Commission. The appointments are for four-year staggered terms, and an appointed member may serve consecutive terms.

Mission Statement

The Historic Preservation Commission shall proactively identify, evaluate, and protect historic properties and cultural resources within the boundaries of Lee's Summit, MO and encourage planning, public education, and economic vitality as they relate to historic preservation.


Commission membership experience and responsibilities

The commissioners shall be residents of the City of Lee’s Summit and shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, knowledge, or experience in fields related to historic preservation, be an architect who has professional experience in restoration or historic preservation, be a real-estate professional, be a member of the Lee’s Summit Historical Society, be a homeowner in a historic district or proposed historic district, and be a merchant in an existing commercial historic district or proposed commercial historic district.

The city's liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission works closely with the commission to identify and designate thos properties and districts eligible for listing in the Lee's Summit Local Historic District Register. Protection is provided to those properties through review and approval of exterior alterations of historically designated buildings, as well as, new additions, new construction and demolition requests.

The Commission is responsible for establishing, developing, and implementing the City Historic Preservation Plan. The HPC reviews and recommends city Historic Landmark and Historic Overlay District designations to the Lee’s Summit Local Historic Register. The HPC recommends approval of historic surveys, and approves Certificates of Appropriateness. The HPC also may review amendments, modifications, or revisions of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) or other parts of the Code of Ordinances as they relate to Historic Preservation.

Historic Preservation Commission Bylaws: the following rules shall be the established procedures for organizing and to govern the transaction of the business of the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Lee’s Summit. (Revised January 23, 2012)  Hard copies of the bylaws are available from the Development Center window in the Lee's Summit City Hall. Contact the Historic Preservation Commission liaison at the Planning and Development Office.  Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Historic Preservation Commission • City Hall • 220 SE Green Street • PO Box 1600
Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063

HPC Staff Liaison: Christopher Hughey
Phone: (816) 969-1600• Fax: (816) 969-1619


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